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If you love mail order marketing as much as we do around here, then you're constantly looking for a way to earn a better living for you and your family, from this wonderful medium.
John Kirkman here...
You may or may not know me, or even know of me.... and that's not important. What is important is that if you have been around mail order marketing for any time at all, I'm sure you have seen my successful ads and programs throughout the mail order advertising media.
Most of them do not show our name and address... this is because they are being used by commission brokers. That is, dealers who have joined our mail order commission programs for as much as 100% ( You read correctly... ONE HUNDRED PERCENT commission ) ~..~
One of the most profitable, affordable and pleasant ways to earn money in mail order marketing is by being a commission broker. And why not?
— After all, the prime source (dealer who designs and offers up money-making programs for commission brokers/mailers) has done all the work developing successful programs that earn money by mail. The prime source continues to do all the work by filling all the commission dealers' incoming orders.
Basically, the commission dealer has little more to do than distribute circulars. Circulars that are either imprinted with his name or ID #.
It works like this. As the commission dealer receives orders, he deducts his commission, forwards those orders to the prime source to fill for him. See, the prime source does do most of the actual work.
This allows the smaller, home-based business dealer on a limited advertising budget to not only be involved in excellent professional quality and profitable commission programs but also enjoy promoting them at deep discounts.
The Internet has developed into a serious aspect of mail order marketing — although it had a shaky start as many of us tried to find ways to make it a compatible tool for mail order marketing.
NOW, it's an absolute must. Problem is, most dealers and prime sources do not understand how to adapt to using the Internet properly with their mail order businesses.
I helped pioneer the way for us to combine the two... Mail Order Marketing and the Internet by developing commission programs that involved them both. Now, you will find many mail order dealers have followed our lead and started combining them too. When they do... the Profits Can Climb Really Fast!
The difference between 'us' and 'them' is we are not ever satisfied with even the greatest money-making systems and methods... We are constantly working or better ways to do things... To make more money by mail.
Finally, it's truly a win-win situation for us all. Please take a few minutes of your time to review the exciting dealerships, service and programs linked to left. You'll quickly see exactly what I mean. Pay particular attention to my 'E-Net' advertising systems — they are powerful dealership programs and allow you to advertise more for much less.
P.S. There are no other mail order marketing methods or systems in existence that even come close to reaching more qualified prospects or offering you better dealership commission pay outs than what you'll find on this site. You have my word for it! All John Kirkman and Action Press offers have my personal guarantee to be as represented.

Thank you for taking time to read my important (to mail order dealers and opportunty seekers) message. Now I want to do something FREE FOR YOU....
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