"John... All I can say is WOW! Your buyer's list is indeed a good one. I made one mailing to the first and second list I got, now I can't wait for the next one to be ready. GREAT JOB! ... Edna Osborne - Brooklyn, NY..."

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This offer was last updated/revised 8/19/09

It's A Shame For You Not To Increase Sales - Save Money --
When Others Do It So Easily
"I have used your names... and been happy with them.
...Charlene Stevens - Sarasota, Florida" (on file)
John Kirkman here...
Thank you for your interest in my super quality Mail Order Opportunity Buyer's Leads.
NOTE. If you came here following one our outdated $5 ads... sorry, you're just a little too late. Here's why... the Buyers list has grown to 330+!! ALSO, we added an additional HUNDRED Opportunity Seekers to the Bonus List....they now are 320 Fresh, HOT, BONUS NAMES INCLUDED! You can't go wrong if you do mailings.
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These are leads like you won't ever find in the vast majority of lists you rent or buy. These are TOPS!
My leads consists of involved, active people... people that have recently purchased directly from me. People that have ACTUALLY SENT ME MONEY in the mail.
Good offers can expect good results! These folks are serious about Mail Order Marketing. Did you read my lips... they are actual, active B-U-Y-E-R-S! They have been converted from lookers or so-called opportunity seekers, to... Real BUYERS!
I do not ask an arm and leg for these quality leads, as you might expect. ...And they are well worth a lot more then the mere twenty bucks I ask. (A Fresh, CLEAN, Active, Pre-Qualified, Known Buyer List is EASILY valued at $20/$35 and more per 100 names.) THIS LIST OVER FIVE HUNDRED NAMES..... AND GROWING WEEKLY!
*** MY BIG TIME GUARANTEE! $1.00 REFUND for any undeliverable you happen to find in the buyer's leads, and return to us within 60 days from time of purchase. This takes any risk out of mailing to our list for you. I would not be able to make such a Guarantee unless I was absolutely certain my list was top!
You can benefit from my super fresh, affordable leads if you get them now... today..... Because for now, the low $20.00 fee also INCLUDES the new names I add from day to day... FOR EVER!
"For ever", meaning the unforeseeable future... unless I pass away, or my computer blows up, lose an arm, car blows up... or some other miserable unforeseen mishap.
*** INCLUDED with your order will be An Additional 300-PLUS Fresh, Mail Order Marketing Opportunity Seekers/Buyers Mixed List as a SPECIAL FREE BONUS! This list also updates periodically.
*** Customer's orders to us have varied from a couple dollars to almost a TWO HUNDRED ($200.00)... and about everything in-between for our Mail Order Marketing Programs and Services.
New leads are added to the main BUYERS list almost daily. A new addition to the list is uploaded once or twice a week (sometimes more often, depending on our incoming orders) — You will be able to down load all the new pages of leads we post, once you pay a mere $20.00 for the first 306 BUYERS plus the Bonus Names. How can you go wrong!!?!
To receive my latest BUYERS leads, click on the PayPal link below - once you submit your order, you will automatically go to our site page that has a direct link to your 'absolutely 100% Guaranteed fresh' BUYERS leads.
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Place your order, and then have yourself a healthy, prosperous mail marketing day!!
P.S. Don't forget to save this page so you can return for all your new updates from time to time.


Not on labels - $20




ON LABELS - $30.00 when ordered by postal mail from:
John Kirkman, Box 340, Guyton, GA 31312-0340
Cash or Money Order means fastest service.