Ah... there you are. I have been waiting for you.

Even the most experienced experts agree that to get a really good feel of things in mail order marketing is to simply observe what other dealers are selling, how they price it, where they promote it, and how it's presented to prospective buyers.

Although I may not be among the most experience, I have been around awhile, made my share of mail order money over the years... and I agree with what they say.

You can start by taking a look at our dealer's page and what I mean, for yourself. There is a link back here at the bottom of the opening page.

• Have you ever receive an inquiry or order with no return address what-so-ever on the outside of the envelope? I certainly have... lots of them. Many containing CASH orders. Sending cash in the U.S. mail is usually safe if it's to a dealer you know and trust. But those envelopes with no return address... that's taking a real chance on losing money. Should something happen to the "To" (like getting damp and smearing, or something mess up in the postal sorting machines, whatever...) and it can not be delivered... that mail is placed in the dead letter box... it is not opened by the post office. After a period of time, it is destroyed with all the contents... what a loss of hard earned cash. Then to top it off, the sender may then blame the dealer he ordered from as not filling his order... call him a crook, a scam and all the things we dealers are called.

• Most dealers have several ads running for several different programs, services, etc., all at the same time. Many of their offers are similiar. To avoid delays and disappointment... always send a copy of the ad you are ordering from. If that is not possible, at least describe the ad so the dealer will know hat is you want. Otherwise, your order may be filled with something you do not want. What I do when this happens (and it is more often than you think)... select one of my offers of the fee paid, with size of ad sent... and use that as my guide as to what they want. So always let the dealer clearly know what you are ordering.

• Never understood why a person will join a program... pay the required fee,,, and then not work it. Just sit on it. It happens all the time. In fact from my experience, it happens a lot. They may work the program a week or two, or a mailing or two, but that's it. I guess they expect to get rich in a week or two and when that does not happen, they dump the program. I have several programs that really do well for me (I work them steadily) and they work for the folks that work them as they should... others, well it's the same sad story... I mailed a few circulars, didn't get an order so it must be a worthless scam. Yep, real sad!!